Stuart J. Dow, Head of School

 Beyond helping develop their minds, we are helping instill a profound sense of self in our kids – a “self” that’s been pushed, pulled, nurtured & challenged so that our graduates leave Stella Link with a confidence they’ll carry for a lifetime.

The Emery Difference - Defined

The Emery Difference is one of the most frequently repeated phrases that describes our school community. More than just a marketing tagline, it is a statement of who we are, what we believe and why we are unique among Houston-area schools. So what is The Emery Difference?
  • It's a culture characterized by joy, humor, high energy, informality and occasional irreverence  all of which help effectuate a seriousness of ethical and academic purpose.
  • It's a profound sense of inclusion, connectedness and community, among and between students and faculty  regardless of individual differences.
  • It's an approach to religious and spiritual instruction that exemplifies vigorous pluralism and embraces machloket (literally, respectful disagreement).
  • It's a student-centered environment that promotes personal development, yet also inculcates awareness of and commitment to others, including the outside world.

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  • From Renee Lovitt

    I have to say, that of all the years I have had my children in private school, I have never had a teacher take time out of her day to call me and share a positive moment around my child. To receive such a wonderful phone call from a teacher, speaks to the quality and commitment of the teacher you have hired.  
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  • From Jerry Robins

    The quality of (the Performing Arts production) was SO EXTRAORDINARY. I can tell you that the audience was simply blown away by the quality of this performance!  It was so professional that I think that no one who saw it can understand how it could have been produced and directed to this level in a HIGH SCHOOL.
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  • From Cynthia Anhalt

    "When my daughter started 6th grade, she did not know any other students her age. The faculty and students have made our entire family feel so welcome and comfortable."
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  • From Jeryl Golub

    "When I first considered writing a letter endorsing Emery/Weiner as an excellent choice for middle school, I was reminded of a theory I had developed over the years about the various choices and experiences I have had in my life."
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  • From Melody Rodriguez

    "After an exhaustive process of open houses, visits, meetings, applications, and tests where we started by looking at over 40 high schools, we finally selected the Emery/Weiner School... Justin's freshman year is everything that we expected and more. The classes are challenging, engaging, and personal. They are taught by teachers who are passionate about their subject and their students. Justin is involved with an excellent music program and enjoys performing at school events. "
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  • From Claire Gottsegen Class of '13, Yale University Class of '17

    "The reason I had such a good time at Emery academically is because I wanted to be there—and that is what is so special about this school. At Emery, the students, teachers, and faculty work together to create this incredibly unique atmosphere."
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  • From Nicki M. Class of '18

    I have attended Emery since sixth grade, and it has been a life-changing experience for me. I found guidance from my teachers  and warmth and enthusiasm in the hallways and in all the classrooms. Emery became more than my school—it became my second home.
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