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Emery/Weiner’s first priority is to prepare students academically and push them intellectually. While our school culture may be progressive in many ways, in this way of educating, we are unabashedly traditional. That isn’t to say that our choice of texts is limited to the age-old canon, but it is to say that reading, writing, critical thinking, and computation matter tremendously. Because we admit a broad range of students, from the 40th to the 99th percentiles, we offer both on-level and advanced courses and differentiate instruction in order to accommodate this diversity of learning styles. And though memorization of facts certainly has its place, we emphasize learning concepts and mastering skills. Our goal is not only to prepare students for college, but also to create life-long learners.

A campus impresses, but a teacher inspires. And while we are very fortunate to have beautiful facilities, no school offers finer or more caring faculty than Emery/Weiner. From former university professors to recent college graduates, our teachers bring more than just subject-matter knowledge to their classrooms – they bring passion and the ability to connect with kids. And yet notwithstanding their innate abilities, Emery/Weiner teachers are observed regularly by administrators and receive constructive performance reviews. Our faculty are also required to participate in ongoing professional development, and Upper School teachers receive student evaluations every semester. Still, every year we strive to improve, and thus we search nationwide, looking for the most talented educators to add to our already exceptional faculty.

As a college preparatory school, Emery/Weiner expects that all of our graduates will matriculate to four-year undergraduate programs – though we recognize that for some students a PG, or post-graduate, year may be advisable. Unfortunately, the college application process can be fraught with tension; but at Emery/Weiner, we work closely with students and their families in order to make the process a positive and self-affirming one. Because of our size, we truly know our students, and thus are not only able to provide meaningful counsel regarding the sorts of schools that may be most appropriate, but we are also able to provide unusually effective advocacy. In fact, our letters of recommendation have been praised by colleges, and our high school profile (which accompanies each of our students’ applications) has been singled out for its quality by a panel of admission officers.

Admittedly, we’re very proud of the admissions our graduates have garnered at the most competitive colleges in the country, literally from coast to coast, as well as the incredibly high number and percentage who have been admitted to UT-Austin, far beyond the top ten-percent of each class. However, for our college counseling department, success is not measured by perceived prestige – rather, it is assessed by “fit.” That is, we strive to demystify the process and work to match each student with a college that seems most appropriate based on a myriad of personal and academic factors. In short, assisting our students in identifying the “right” college, helping them submit the strongest application possible, and, most importantly, preparing them to do well once there is at the core of what Emery/Weiner delivers.
"A campus impresses, but a teacher inspires. And while we are very fortunate to have beautiful facilities, no school offers finer or more caring faculty than Emery/Weiner. "

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  • Photo of Joseph Weinstein-Sears

    Dr. Joseph Weinstein-Sears 

    Head of Upper School and Upper School Judaic Studies Teacher
    (832) 204-5900
    Ouachita Baptist University - B.S.E.
    University of Houston - M.Ed.
    Gratz College - M.S.
    The Johns Hopkins University - Ed.D.
  • Photo of Kendall White

    Mr. Kendall White 

    Head of Middle School
    (832) 204-5900
    University of Oklahoma - B.A.
    Columbia University - M.A.

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