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The Emery/Weiner Fine Arts Parent Club provides positive and collaborative support to all areas of the Fine Arts program by fundraising, volunteering, fostering school spirit, and encouraging all teachers and students throughout the school year. 

As of the 2023-24 school year, all parents are automatically part of the Fine Arts Parent Club (formerly referred to as booster clubs). The Parent clubs will no longer be selling memberships but still need volunteers! 
To learn more about the available volunteer opportunities and other ways to support the Fine Arts program, please email FAPC@emeryweiner.org. 


List of 9 members.

  • Photo of Jennifer Bauer-Conley

    Ms. Jennifer Bauer-Conley 

    Director of Fine Arts
    (832) 204-5900
    Manhattanville College - B.A.
    Manhattanville College - B.A.
  • Photo of Lisa Cohen

    Ms. Lisa Cohen 

    Professor of Practice
    University of Houston - B.A.
    University of Houston Law - J.D.
  • Photo of Matthew Murphy

    Mr. Matthew Murphy 

    Fine Arts Teacher
    (832) 204-5900
  • Photo of Kathy Clarke

    Ms. Kathy Clarke 

    Middle and Upper School Vocal Teacher
    (832) 204-5900
    Seward County Community College - A.A.
    Fort Hays State University - B.M.E.
  • Photo of Josh Sheiman

    Mr. Josh Sheiman 

    Middle and Upper School Music Teacher
    (832) 204-5900
    University of Miami - B.A.
    Boston University - M.Ed.
  • Photo of Kelly Dean

    Mr. Kelly Dean 

    Middle and Upper School Music Teacher
    (832) 204-5900
    University of Houston - B.M.
  • Photo of Jenna Dorece

    Ms. Jenna Dorece 

    Middle and Upper School Theatre & Dance Teacher
    (832) 204-5900
    West Virginia University - B.F.A.
    New York University - M.A.
  • Photo of Kim Hart

    Ms. Kim Hart 

    Middle and Upper School Art Teacher
    (832) 204-5900
    University of Houston - B.A.
  • Photo of Paige Moore

    Ms. Paige Moore 

    Upper School Visual Arts Teacher
    (832) 204-5900
    Savannah College of Art and Design - B.F.A.

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