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In the Middle School, grades six through eight participate in two distinct trips: a Fall Retreat and a Spring Trip.

In the Upper School, grades nine through 11 take three distinct trips: a weekend Shabbaton, an outdoor trip during the early spring semester, and a spring culture trip.

Senior year, students participate in a Shabbaton, Comparative Religion Week, a week-long internship, and embark on the culminating trip of the Emery/Weiner experience: a month-long trip to Poland and Israel.

Each trip includes a unique combination of activities all designed to inspire trust, resilience, and camaraderie among each grade level. The seven-year-long combination of trips creates adventures that our alumni testify to as some of their most memorable school experiences and also contributes to the well-rounded education students receive during their time at EWS.

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  • Retreats/Shabbatonim

    Middle School Retreats

    Sixth, seventh, and eighth graders all participate in grade-level retreats at various times of the year. The purpose of these trips depends on the grade level. Sixth grade focuses on acclimation to the middle school, seventh grade on personal growth and accountability, and the eighth grade on independent responsibility and leadership.

    Upper School Shabbatonim/Retreats

    Ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth graders all participate in a weekend Shabbaton, or Sabbath retreat, which builds a solid foundation for further explorations of Judaism and Jewish identity. This trip brings the class together and forms bonds between students and faculty. Shabbaton occurs just before school begins in the fall, giving students the opportunity to get to know each other prior to the start of classes. Activities during Shabbaton include navigating a ropes course, team-building activities, Torah service, and much more.
  • Winter Outdoor Trips

    These Upper School-only week-long outdoor education experiences occur during the spring semester. While seniors participate in a World Religions Program, grades nine through 11 hop on buses and embark on an adventure they will never forget. Freshmen set out for Big Bend National Park, sophomores experience the Texas Hill Country, and juniors enjoy Eagle Lake. Each trip includes a unique combination of activities, including hiking, caving, camping, canoeing, and rock climbing.

    Ninth Grade: Big Bend

    Ninth grade students explore the beauty and remote wilderness of the Big Bend National Park in southwest Texas. Activities include hiking several of the major trails in the Chisos Mountains, visiting sand dunes, swimming in the hot springs in Boquillas Canyon, rafting through a section of the Rio Grande, outdoor camping overnight, and star-gazing.

    Tenth Grade: Hill Country

    Tenth grade students lodge in the cozy confines of Eagles Wings Retreat Center, a wonderful facility nestled in the rustic hills of Burnet, Texas. During the week the class hikes, mountain-bikes, canoes, repels, and rock-climbs.

    Eleventh Grade: Eagle Lake

    Eleventh grade students spend their week at Camp Eagle in the Hill country of Texas where they hike, bike, and engage in outdoor team-building through high ropes courses and caving.

    Twelfth Grade: World Religion Program

    Twelfth grade students participate in a World Religions Program during this week.
  • Spring Culture Trips

    Middle School Trips

    During the Spring, each grade takes a cultural trip. The sixth and seventh grades spend three days and two nights in Galveston and Texas Hill Country respectively, while the eighth grade spends four days and three nights in Washington D.C.

    Sixth Grade

    The sixth grade spring trip focuses on both team-building activities and the history of the Jewish community in Galveston. All students spend the first day of the trip completing a high and low ropes course and other team-building activities. The next day, students depart EWS for an overnight trip. Highlights include the Lone Star Flight Museum, a meeting with Rabbi Marshal Klaven at Congregation B’nai Israel, Moody Gardens, the Texas Seaport Museum, and a marine biology tour of Galveston Bay.

    Seventh Grade

    The seventh grade spring trip is a study of Texas history. Students first travel from school to Washington-on-the-Brazos and conclude their journey at the San Antonio Missions. Other points of interest include the State Capitol Building, Enchanted Rock, Natural Bridge Caverns, Texas Military Forces Museum, Bob Bullock Museum, two of the oldest synagogues in Texas, and the campus of The University of Texas. Prior to the trip, students research the rich history of our state and give formal presentations.

    Eighth Grade

    The eighth grade travels to Washington D.C. for a non-stop three-and-a-half days of touring, learning, and fun. Students visit many of the museums, monuments, and memorials that our Nation’s capital has to offer. Students prepare for this highlight of eighth grade by teaching each other about the places they will visit. Highlights include the Smithsonian Museum, Arlington Cemetery, Lincoln Memorial, and the US National Holocaust Memorial Museum.

    Upper School Trips

    During the spring, students take a five-day, four-night trip to one of three distinct destinations: freshmen visit the Deep South on a civil rights journey; sophomores fly to San Francisco to learn about social action; and juniors discover the history of America's immigrants in New York City. Students visit museums, historical sites, and places of local interest.

    Ninth Grade

    Civil Rights Journey: This incredible journey across the Deep South begins in its heart, Atlanta, Georgia. Students travel through four states to delve into southern culture and tradition, and most importantly, they discover the depths of the African American struggle for civil rights.

    Tenth Grade

    Tolerance: One of the most compact and diverse cities in the country, San Francisco proves to be the ultimate study in tolerance and social action. During this trip, tenth graders learn the importance of understanding and respecting cultural differences. From experiencing a poetry slam at UC Berkeley, to exploring Haight-Ashbury, to discovering Chinatown, students gain an appreciation for a wide variety of perspectives and people.

    Eleventh Grade

    Immigration: The eleventh grade trip allows students to discover the mind-blowing cultural diversity New York City has to offer. New York has been and continues to be the conduit for hundreds of thousands of immigrants into the United States. Students experience the remarkable journeys of these immigrants, both past and present, from Ellis Island to modern-day Chinatown.

    Twelfth Grade

    Seniors participate in an internship during this week.
  • Senior World Religion Program

    Each year, seniors from Emery/Weiner take a week-long journey to discover the vast diversity of the world's major religions.

    The week begins with an overview introducing the students to comparative religion as a scholarly field; then, the students preview each faith tradition on the schedule for the day. Generally, each day involves three site visits, where students meet community leaders who discuss their faith traditions, deftly field students’ (sometimes very personal) questions, and introduce them to various community practices.

    For example, students recently shared an amazing vegetarian meal with a visiting Hare Krishna guru and enjoyed traditional tea and sandwiches with Revered Hong at the Chung Mei Buddhist Temple. Students are encouraged to explore how various faith traditions overlap with and diverge from Judaism, with particular attention paid to the role of community service, prayer, daily practice, and ritual.
  • Senior Internship Program

    EWS Seniors have the privilege of interning in a variety of different professions in the Houston area and beyond. The goal of the EWS Senior Internship Program is to:
    • Explore through first-hand observation and experience an area of interest for a future career or potential college major;
    • Gain knowledge and be exposed to many facets of the socio-economic life of the community, specifically the industry in which the student works; and
    • Further develop a student’s leadership qualities and habits of responsibility, analysis, and planning.

    Previous EWS Internships

    Examiner Newspaper Group
    David Gerger & Associates
    Texas Innocence Network - UOH Law Center
    Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston
    Houston General Practice Clinic
    City of Houston - Mayor's Office
    Advanced OB-GYN
    Holocaust Museum
    Houston Chronicle
    Prepared 4 Life
    Joe Robbins Photography
    Jewish Community Center
    Weinberger, Black & Associates
    St. Joseph's Hospital
    KUHF, 88.7 FM
    Sugar Hill Studios
    Tele-Communication, Inc.
    Erika Mannke, Event Planning
    Rustika Café & Bakery
    Lopez Negrete
    Methodist Hospital
    Fox 26 KRIV-TV & My 20 KTXH-TV
    Texas Children's Hospital
    Meyerland Animal Clinic
    SK Advisors
    Baylor College of Medicine
    Façade Incorporated
    PH Design
    The Consulate of Israel to the Southwest
    Pacifica Radio KPFT
    Advantage Testing of Houston, Inc.
    Federal Public Defenders Office
    Memorial 610 Hospital for Animals
    Reinhart Marketing
    Podiatry Associates of Houston
    Rives Carlberg
    T.H. Rogers
    Odom and Levin
    Annie National Tour
    Alzheimer's Association
    UT Medical School
    Beth Yeshurn School
    S.W. Animal Clinic
    Texas Collaborative Studio
    Kirksey Architecture
    Anti-Defamation League
    P.R. Services
    Dessert Gallery Bakery & Café
    Dr. Neal Gittleman, D.D.S.
    Chu's Kung Fu
    Bellaire Buzz
    Bootin & Savrick Pediatric Associates
    Castlewood Treatment Center
    SGF Winning Way Farms
    Jewish Herald-Voice
    Houston Downtown Alliance
    Love Advertising
    104 KRBE
    City Hall
    Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
    The Padgett Group
    Lone Star Strategies
    Main Street Theater
    The Rise School
    John Robert Powers
    Len Matuszewski, Jr - Fashion Event Producer
    Polytex Fibers
    Marsh USA Inc.
    Galveston County Medical Examiner
    Marnlerocks Studio
    Schneider & McKinney P.C.
    Museum of Natural Science
    Aftergut & Wolf Interiors
    Gremillion & Co. Fine Art Inc.
    Museum Fine Arts, Houston
    Elena Wortham
    Kim Hoff School of Dance
    UOH - Dept. of Chemical Engineering
    Houston Media Source
    Edge Creative Strategies
    Houston PBS
    PaperCity Magazine
    Human Neuroimaging Laboratory
    Bellaire High School
    M&M Lighting
    The Houston Advantage Insurance Network
    Harris County Court System
    Rawfully Organic Co-Op
    Strategic Financial Group, LLP
    Hila Designs
    Methodist International
    Taylor and Taylor Designs
    Congregation Emanu El
    Junior Achievement
    Houston Press
    Andrews Kurth
    Manhattan Construction
    Houston Magazine
    Lion Stone Group
    Joel A. Gordon & Associates
    Chestnut Animal Hospital
    Women's Specialists of Houston
    Brasada Capital Management
    Wilkenfeld Speech Language Learning Center
    South Coast Film & Video
    Voss Rd. Animal Clinic
  • Anne & Don Graubart Senior Israel Trip

    Each year, Emery/Weiner seniors take a four week trip: in the first week, they explore Poland. For the next three weeks, they experience the trip of a lifetime in Israel. The trip, coordinated with the Alexander Muss School, occurs each spring in late April/early May.

    Our seniors go to Israel as part of the ongoing partnership between Emery/Weiner and the Alexander Muss High School in Israel program. Alexander Muss High School in Israel has been a provider of custom designed programs in Israel and Eastern Europe for Jewish Day Schools throughout North America since 1995.

    The itinerary is based on the educational philosophy that guides all of our programming. Alexander Muss High School in Israel unfolds the living drama of Jewish history using the land of Israel as its classroom. Nearly all of the itinerary is based on chronology, except where it is logistically not prudent to do so. We believe that the aim of studying history is not merely to examine the facts of the past but to weave them into a historic narrative.

    Organizing the itinerary on this basis enables our students to confront the issues and role models that shaped Jewish history and Jewish life. It also allows them to draw conclusions relevant to their own lives. The historical narrative method has proven immeasurably more effective than the conventional arrangement of experiences in a thematic, modular format or traveling around the country based on geography.

    Alexander Muss High School has teachers and educators who are not just guides but dedicated professionals. Their educators have experience teaching in formal settings as well as in the field. They have in depth knowledge of the important sites in Israel, academic training in Jewish history, and a love of lifelong learning. They have the gift to make Israel come alive. They have the ability to make Israel relevant to students.

    Places visited in Poland
    • Krakow
    • Wawel Castle
    • Kaziemirs: Siroka Square, Altschule, Remu Temple
    • Auschwitz
    • Podgorze district & sites of the ghetto Pankewicz Pharmacy Jewish Underground HQ, and Schindler Factory
    • Lomdei Mishnayot Synagogue
    • Yeshivat Chachmei Lublin
    • Lublin
    Places visited in Israel
    • Jerusalem
    • Palmach Museum
    • Machane Yehuda
    • Hezekiah's tunnel
    • Davidson Center, southern Wall
    • Massada
    • Dead Sea
    • Nahal Tamar with Rappelling
    • Han Hashayarot
    • Hatzerim Air Force Museum
    • Bet Gubrin – Amphitheater at Bet Guvrin
    • Hirbet Midras cave
    • Pundak Ginosar
    • Karei Deshe
    • Hatzar Kineret and Rachel the Poetess
    • Beka-Jordan River
    • Nachsholim
    • Matzad Abirim
    • Fasuta
    • Hike to Nahal Amud

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