Every year The Emery/Weiner School honors outstanding graduating seniors for their commitments to education, service, character, and community.

List of 9 items.

  • The Socrates Award

    The Socrates Award is presented to the student who best exemplifies a genuine passion for education. The award recognizes a student for academic achievement, true intellectual curiosity, and a demonstrated commitment to increasing his or her knowledge in various disciplines.

    2001-02 Charles B. Tannenbaum
    2007-08 Gerald Rich
    2013-14 Kevin Liu
    2002-03 Jennifer Rosenthal,
    2008-09 Adam R. Feldman2014-15 Noa Gutow-Ellis
    2003-04 Amanda L. Kleinman
    2009-10 Brooke Kantor
    2015-16 Lauren Schoen
    2004-05 Michael R. Abrams
    2010-11 Hannah Abrams
    2016-17 Cassia Lewandowski
    2005-06 Michael Glombicki
    2011-12 Andrew Goldfarb2017-18 Gabriella Novak
    2006-07 Noelle Forde2012-13 Danielle Resh 
  • The Churchill Award

    The Churchill Award is presented to the student who best exemplifies the quality of perseverance. Named in honor of Sir Winston Churchill, who declared, “Never give up. Never, never, never,” this award recognizes the student who exhibits an unwavering commitment to improve academically and through determination and diligence, has succeeded in doing so.

    2001-02 Samuel D. Davis
    2007-08 Lauren Slatko
    2013-14 Hannah Cohen
    2002-03 Jamie V. Davis
    2008-09 Lauren B. Levine
    2014-15 Meagan Glover
    2003-04 Jonathon L. Reckles
    2009-10 Lauren Simon
    2015-16 Abbie Markowitz
    2004-05 Jacqueline K. Klaiman
    2010-11 Jim Morris Nelkin
    2016-17 Emma Ahlstrom
    2005-06 Michelle Goldberg
    2011-12 Jasmine Davis
    2017-18 Hope Desenberg
    2006-07Cheryl Woolf
    2012-13 Hayley Reed

  • The Maimonides Award

    The Maimonides Award is presented to the student who best exemplifies the paramount Jewish values of scholarship and character. The award recognizes the student who not only demonstrates intellectual achievement in Judaic and general studies, but also upholds a commitment to live according to the highest ethical standards.

    2001-02 Jennifer A. Rosenthal
    2007-08 Rebecca Piller
    2013-14 Nathaniel Silverblatt
    2002-03 Michael R. Abrams
    2008-09 Benjamin I. Friedman
    2014-15 Rachael Lahar
    2003-04 Joshua E. Lavine
    2009-10 William Hall
    2015-16 Bram Lowenstein
    2004-05 Brooke A. Binstock
    2010-11 Alexa Goldberg
    2016-17 Ashley Doctor
    2005-06 Jonathan Endelman
    2011-12 David Milewicz
    2017-18 Dana Ran
    2006-07 Shara Morris
    2012-13 Claire Gottsegen
  • The Pioneer Award

    The Pioneer Award is presented to the student who best exemplifies the qualities of community and spirit. The award recognizes the student who demonstrates a commitment to the Emery community and works selflessly in order to foster inclusiveness and strengthen school spirit.

    2001-02 Tracy L. Eisenman
    2007-08 Jennie Kamin
    2013-14 Cameron Cavalier, Cameron Markoff
    2002-03 Joel A. Croft
    2008-09 Ilana L. Freedman
    2014-15 Mackenzie Kleinman
    2003-04 Kelly R. Schwarz
    2009-10 Libby Udelson
    2015-16 Myles Henson
    2004-05 Phillip J. Kobernick
    2010-11 Steven Berger
    2016-17 Zack Pokroy
    2005-06 David Goldberg
    2011-12 Robyn Croft
    2017-18 Ben Tuchshnieder
    2006-07 Daniel Hurwitz
    2012-13 Rachel Miller
  • The Koufax Award

    The Koufax Award is presented to the student who best exemplifies excellence in sports. The award recognizes the student who not only demonstrates athletic prowess on the field or court, but also demonstrates character consistent with Jewish ideals and values.

    2002-03 Gregory R. Cohen
    2008-09 Kelli L. Blumrosen
    2014-15 Molly Horowitz, Alex Wasserstrom
    2003-04 Jessica C. Shafer
    2009-10 Shayna Starr, Jeremy Gurwitch
    2015-16 Lauren Schoen, Cole Caress
    2004-05 Jared M. Serota
    2010-11 Laura Coburn, Jonathan Kleinman
    2016-17 Nicole Schwartz, Michael Ran
    2005-06 Yan Digilov
    2011-12 Ria Gerger, Daniel Cech
    2017-18 Julia Roberts, Ciro Savarese
    2006-07 Evan Mucasey
    2012-13 Taylor Bookstaff, Samuel Robinson
    2007-08 Sam Wilson
    2013-14 Sarah Friedman, Drew Levy

  • The Tarfon Award

    The Tarfon Award is presented to the student who best exemplifies a commitment to tikkun olam – repairing the world. Named in honor of Rabbi Tarfon, who said in the Mishna, “Though we are not obligated to finish the task, neither are we free to desist from it,” this award recognizes the student who not only participates actively in the school’s organized community service projects but also goes beyond in order to help the less fortunate and to build bridges between our community and those around us. 

    2002-03 Hannah R. Morris
    2008-09 Rebecca Wolinsky
    2014-15 Rachel Goodman, Noa Gutow-Ellis
    2003-04 Emily R. Freedman
    2009-10 Anna Biondi
    2015-16 Nicole Zucker
    2004-05 Kelly R. Schwarz
    2010-11 Elena Bell
    2016-17 Sofia Heyl
    2005-06 Sam Tannenbaum
    2011-12 Claire Gottsegen
    2017-18 Sofia Heyl
    2006-07 Jennifer Kagan
    2012-13 Jessica Wolinsky 
    2007-08 Tatiana Stein
    2013-14 Danielle Gosdin
  • The DaVinci Award

    The DaVinci Award is presented to the student who best exemplifies the artistic qualities of the Renaissance period:  curiosity, creativity and commitment in multiple artistic pursuits. The student who receives this award has dedicated him or herself to achieving excellence in at least two of the following areas of the Upper School Fine Arts Department:  Music, Theater, and Visual Arts.  Throughout his or her time at Emery, this student has demonstrated an Understanding of, and has personally exemplified, DaVinci’s words, "Art is the queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world."

    2010-11 Mauria Atzil
    2015-16 Gabriela Tew
    2011-12 Sofia Tew
    2016-17 Audrey Goodman
    2012-13 Rachel Miller
    2017-18 Carly Tiras
    2013-14 David Kramer
    2014-15 Amanda Atzil
  • The Woskow Award

    The Woskow Award* is presented to the student having best exemplified a commitment to leadership defined by quiet and consistent contribution.  Named in memory of Marvin Woskow, a warm, wise & unassuming man who served as President of the Emery/Weiner Board of Trustees and gave so much to the Houston Jewish community, the award is voted upon by the Student Government Association and presented to the student who best displays the character Mr. Woskow exemplified.  Through involvement in clubs, the arts, and other extracurricular activities, the recipient's caring & commitment help strengthen our school community and maintain the Emery Difference.

    *SGA picks the recipient for this award.

    2006-07 Jason M. Podolnick2013-14 David S. Kleban
    2007-08 Beau M. Bassewitz2014-15 Daniel Landa
    2008-09 Anna J. Biondi2015-16 Chloe Rose
    2009-10 Claire Gottsegen2016-17 Drew Cain
    2010-11 Michael I. Horn2017-18 Ryker Germain
    2011-12 Peri E. Newman
    2012-13 Gabriela A. Tew

  • The Zak Rosen Award

    The Zak Rosen Award* is named in memory of Zak Rosen, a member of the class of 2011, whose life was cut short by a lifelong illness.   The Zak Rosen award is presented to the student who best exemplifies the qualities Zak demonstrated every day -- optimism in the face of adversity, acceptance of others’ differences, and steadfast joyfulness. 

    *SGA picks the recipient for this award.

    2010-11 Ria L. Gerger2016-17 Kristian Meling
    2011-12 Jasmine N. Davis2017-18 Rebecca Risch
    2012-13 Brooke F. Kaplan
    2013-14 Abraham J. Hausman-Weiss
    2014-15 Mara Kushne
    2015-16 Adam Glombicki