Experience the Difference
The strength of our community is one of Emery/Weiner’s defining characteristics. Our Advisory (grades 6-8) and Mentor Group (grades 9-12) periods, scheduled multiple times weekly, support community bonds by:
  • Reinforcing students’ sense of belonging on campus
  • Pairing students thoughtfully with faculty advisors and mentors who can be guides and advocates
  • Allowing time for academic breaks to focus on social/emotional and life skill development
Upon entering middle school, students are grouped thoughtfully into advisories ranging in size from 8-13 students. While they have a new advisor each year, the student advisory group stays together through their middle school years. This approach provides a welcome element of continuity at a time when adolescents experience rapid change. Middle School Advisory lessons are presented in a variety of formats supporting overarching grade level themes.
Grade Level Themes:
  • 6th Grade: Getting to Know Self and Others
  • 7th Grade: Personal Growth and Accountability
  • 8th Grade: Independent Responsibility and Leadership
Advisory periods take place three times each week and follow these formats:
  • Small group “sharing circles” highlighting student voice and providing public speaking practice
  • Brief social skill lectures followed by practice and reflection
  • Games & crafts
  • Tikkun Olam activities
  • “Advisory Family” contests where teams comprised of one advisory from each middle school grade level compete against other “Advisory Families” to win prizes
Upper School students, led by faculty mentors, gather in small groups or grade-levels during Flex Time. The programming, developed by Grade Level Coordinators, is designed to facilitate character education, personal growth, and Tikkun Olam. Each grade level has a theme that culminates with a spring trip where skills learned in their mentor groups are put into practice.
Upper School Grade Level Themes:
  • 9th Grade: Acceptance and Acclimation
  • 10th Grade: Social Responsibility
  • 11th Grade: Empathy and Action
  • 12th Grade: Traditions and Transition

The Emery/Weiner School

A private, pluralistic Jewish, college-preparatory middle and high school serving grades 6-12. 
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