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  • Dr. and Mrs. Michael Eisenberg

    We feel fortunate to be a part of The Emery/Weiner School, where my eldest two children are thriving. My oldest son just completed middle school at EWS and has started ninth grade. His middle school experience at EWS was nothing short of remarkable.
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  • Na Liu and Brian Chen

    When our son first arrived at Emery, the amazing staff helped him get his footing and taught him what he needed to know. He was amazed at how friendly the faculty and other students were. The teachers were so friendly that he occasionally called them friends!
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  • From Rebecca B. Class of '20

    The curriculum and student experience at Emery is so personalized that it is easy to interact with many different types of people in an array of fields and subjects. Thus, the extracurriculars, classrooms, and friendships are often diverse and multi-grade level. This contributes to the communal vibe that Emery prides itself on.
  • Jaffrey and Chris Getz

    The day our oldest first walked onto the Emery/Weiner campus, we knew that she was going to experience something truly great. Since that day, EWS has become a second home to her, her sister, and our entire family.
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  • David Goldstein

    As a parent of a recent graduate, I always knew...I could count on faculty, individually and collectively, to make an effort to get to know my son in a deeper way, beyond his grades, classroom participation, and sporadic homework completion, and to collaborate in the effort. 
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  • Isabel Ordóñez and Dane Schiller

    We were not sure what to expect, but we knew we were joining not just a school, but a community that fosters kindness, education, and big thinking as well as values and respects diversity. As our son now enters the seventh grade, we could not be happier.
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  • Marci Baker

    The Emery/Weiner School has been a wonderful fit for both of our sons. We especially appreciate the excellent balance of academics, athletics and fine arts which has helped them mature and grow. The community develops students who are welcoming and genuine.
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  • Benjamin and Rachel Lavine

    I did not have a private school frame of reference other than college, but any doubts I had about Emery were washed away in the first week as my son was literally excited to get to school each day.
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  • From Claire Gottsegen Class of '13, Yale University Class of '17

    The reason I had such a good time at Emery academically is because I wanted to be there—and that is what is so special about this school. At Emery, the students, teachers, and faculty work together to create this incredibly unique atmosphere.
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Stuart J. Dow, Head of School

 Beyond helping develop their minds, we are helping instill a profound sense of self in our kids – a “self” that’s been pushed, pulled, nurtured & challenged so that our graduates leave Stella Link with a confidence they’ll carry for a lifetime.

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  • Photo of Caroline Sarnoff

    Ms. Caroline Sarnoff 

    Director of Admissions
    (832) 204-5900
    Emerson College - B.S.
  • Photo of Jorge Arciga

    Mr. Jorge Arciga 

    Associate Director of Admissions
    (832) 204-5900
    Rice University - B.A.
  • Photo of Madeleine Echols

    Ms. Madeleine Echols 

    Assistant Director of Admissions
    (832) 204-5900
    Regis University - B.S.

The Emery/Weiner School

A private, college-preparatory middle and high school serving grades 6-12. 
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