Each year, students enroll in eight (8) courses listed below:

Sixth Grade

Required courses in the sixth grade include English, United States History To 1865, Math, Life Science, Hebrew, Judaic Studies 6, PE/Digital literacy, and a semester of an Elective rotation (Art, Coding, Music, Theatre, and Vocal).

Seventh Grade

Required courses in the seventh grade include English, Ancient Civilizations, Math, Earth Science, World Languages, Judaic Studies 7, Physical Education, and an elective each semester of Fine Arts or Technology.

Eighth Grade

Required courses in eighth grade include English, World Geography, Math, Integrated Physics and Chemistry (IPC), World Languages, Judaic Studies 8, Physical Education, and an elective each semester of Fine Arts or Technology.
Courses in the Middle School are designed to prepare students for academic achievement by developing content proficiency. Students are taught skills and strategies to maximize critical thinking and understanding. The courses are rigorous and specific to the subject area while taking into consideration the academic and emotional development of the whole student.
Honors courses parallel the curriculum offered in the corresponding standard course, and may cover additional topics or some topics in greater depth. Honors courses are standard courses that require a higher level of critical thinking. To achieve success in these demanding courses, students must demonstrate a greater aptitude in the subject area, as well as exceptional motivation, work habits, and study skills. Honors courses offer additional assignments, beyond the regular assignments, that are more difficult in nature to challenge exceptional students. Honors courses are offered in Science, English, History, and Judaic Studies.


The following are used for course placement:
New to Emery Students (including incoming sixth grade students) are placed in courses based on the following:
  • Standardized test scores
  • Writing Sample or EWS Placement Exam
  • Performance in prior course
Current students must meet 3 of the 4 criteria below to enroll in honors or advanced classes:
  • Teacher recommendation based on demonstrated achievement and ability evidenced by classroom performance
  • Writing sample or EWS Placement Exam
  • Standardized test scores
  • Performance in prior course 
During the semester, if a student moves in or out of an honors section, the grades earned up to the point of the change will follow the student.

The Emery/Weiner School

A private, college-preparatory middle and high school serving grades 6-12. 
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