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  • Technology Foundations

    Grade Level: 6th
    Prerequisite: None
    Course Description:
    All 6th graders are required to take this semester long course is designed to improve keyboarding skills, develop skills associated with digital tools, learn research skills and raise awareness of appropriate uses of technology currently available to our students. The expectation is that students learn skills that will be available in all areas of their education.
  • Technology 6: Design and Fabrication

    Grade Level: 6th
    Prerequisite: None
    Course Description:
    This course will introduce 6th graders to the principles of design and fabrication, using project-based lessons that result in physical artifacts. Offered as a part of the 6th grade elective rotation, this course would allow 6th graders to experience the tools available in the Levine Innovation Lab and learn foundational principles of design and construction. This class is learn-by-doing, combining theory and practice to actually plan, design, and create real-world solutions.
    This course is part of the 6th Grade Elective Period. 
  • Technology 7: Robotics & Game Design

    Grade Level: 7th  
    Length of Course: 1 semester
    Prerequisite: None
    Course Description:
    In this course students will begin the year with an introduction to coding, robotics, and design thinking as they build and program robots using LEGO Spike Prime robot kits. Students will then apply the engineering design process to create analog games using common mechanisms found in modern board games. Students will finish off the year by combining what they have learned in coding and game design to create digital games using Scratch, a block-based coding language.
  • Technology 8: Principles of Technology

    Grade Level: 8th  
    Length of Course: 1 semester
    Prerequisite: Technology Chair approval
    Course Description:
    The purpose of the class is to prepare students to use Fusion 360 to develop technology skills and spatial reasoning in order to enhance visual communications of 3-Dimensional information. Students will learn to build complex 3D models using parametric modeling for a variety of scales. Some of the models will be 3D printed fabricated from wood, metal, plastic, or epoxy resin and/or milled on the CNC machines or laser printer in the Levine Innovation Lab. The skills learned in this class will assist in engineering, architecture, arts, physics, chemistry, game design, film, fabrication, and other fields that students may pursue after EWS.


  • Photo of Jared Curtis
    Jared Curtis
    Director of Instructional Technology and Innovative Learning
    (832) 204-5900
    Brigham Young University - B.S.
    University of Houston - M.Ed.

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