Why Emery?

Dr. Rachel Parry

My son was admitted to other high schools with music programs, but chose Emery because of its unique music program. It was truly love at first sight when he saw the music space with all of the guitars… You, in the Emery music program, mentored him. 
What an incredible music program Emery has indeed! Such structure! But at the same time, the program has so much room for differences and is ultimately self-paced! WOW! I talk about it all the time to people I meet, either personally or professionally, whenever anyone asks about my kids!

The creative expression you fostered helped my son and I am sure other students channel excess energy during the horrible uncertain times of the Covid lockdown and ever changing schedules and quite frankly, the overall world upheaval in the starting in the Spring of 2020. My son’s guitar became entertainment for the family, freedom from boredom for him, a stress reducer when he needed it, and an activity that could be practiced with others. Picture this: several teenage boys, socially distanced, masked, but in a garage with the door wide open and fans blowing and making music together in the pre-vaccination era! Now, my son is composing regularly and has won a great scholarship that will make college quite affordable.

The Emery/Weiner School

A private, college-preparatory middle and high school serving grades 6-12. 
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