Why Emery?

Current Emery Students

We asked current Emery students to briefly describe: "What does the Emery Difference mean to you?" Here are some responses:
  • The Emery Difference is that we all come together from different backgrounds to form one community together.
  • The Emery Difference is defined by the opportunities the school provides for its students. Through experiential learning trips, small classes, strong connections among teachers and students, and a supportive and welcoming environment, Emery is able to mold us into professional, respectful, and experienced individuals.
  • The Emery Difference is the community People all over the world are different, but when it comes to school communities, there are a lot schools have in common. I have gone to many schools and places and they are all the same when it comes to people, but Emery as a community is more fun and the teachers are more open to new ideas — and the school is student-led.
  • The Emery Difference is the acceptance of peoples' differences, and making them feel comfortable being who they are.
  • I define the Emery Difference as the relationships between students from different grades. Students can easily form relationships with people older or younger.
  • To me, the Emery difference means that, as a student, I have the freedom to try new things and be myself without. judgement. I also think that, on a broader scale, it means that Emery approaches education differently. Through experiential education and a more "harkness" style of learning environment, students can feel comfortable and excited to learn.
  • I define the Emery Difference as the challenge and drive for achievement with the help of teachers, mentors, and other students. Everyone's personal opinions can be expressed and shared in every way.
  • I believe that the Emery Difference is a concept that completely defines the school. Not only is The Emery/Weiner School an accepting and welcoming community with diverse and inclusive students, but the Emery Difference also includes the approachable and more-than-just-helpful teachers. The Emery Difference is what makes this school as incredible and well-rounded as it is.
  • I define the Emery Difference as a tight-knit community which allows you to dabble in many different areas such as sports, theatre, and the arts — with teachers and faculty who get to know you on a personal level.
  • The Emery Difference is the much more casual atmosphere at the school, and the fostering of personal relationships between teachers and students where students are recognized individually to find their own path among the collective.
  • I define the Emery Difference as the ability to explore all interests and have a true voice in my school. I am able to pursue theatre and sports at the same time, take difficult math classes and humanities classes, and build relationships with all types of friends. I have a voice by partaking in clubs, building a bond with my teachers, and knowing I can always speak up when I need to.

The Emery/Weiner School

A private, college-preparatory middle and high school serving grades 6-12. 
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