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Why Emery?

From Jeryl Golub

When I first considered writing a letter endorsing Emery/Weiner as an excellent choice for middle school, I was reminded of a theory I had developed over the years about the various choices and experiences I have had in my life.
Generally, it’s my belief that the things I chose to participate in (clubs, sports, classes) or the places I chose to go to (schools, firms, vacations) are excellent choices for me, but may not be the right choice for someone else. Different people truly need and enjoy different things and so instead, all I should confidently do is tell him or her about my experience and encourage him or her to consider the option. With Emery however, I feel like I can do more than just share my experience and that of my daughter, Orly (a Shlenker School graduate) with you. With Emery, I do feel comfortable telling you that it can be the right choice for every child and here is why.

To start with, Emery provides our children with a wonderful, supportive and challenging education through on-level and advanced classes. The teacher/student relationships at this school are very special and personal, and unlike anything you are likely to find elsewhere. Orly knows that she can take advantage of morning tutorials for questions that may have come up the night before and extra time with her teachers is always an option and encouraged. The small class sizes make classroom time more interactive and creative and the integrated use of technology is tremendous.

But in addition to the excellent academics, there are two other reasons that make Emery so special and the right choice for our children. First, Emery does an amazing job helping its students discover what makes each of them special and encouraging him or her to shine. Emery provides that safe and encouraging environment in which our children not only can, but are encouraged to, try out new things without fear. Very clearly the resulting self-confidence our kids develop through participation in the numerous sports, creative arts, and clubs offered at Emery will serve them well throughout their lives. Vocal performance and athletics happen to be where Orly has chosen to commit significant energy and excitement, but I know others who are developing painting techniques and theatrical expression. I have enjoyed watching each child I see grow and be happy doing what he or she has chosen.

The second unique and special difference about Emery is its consistent development of an honest passion in our children for taking responsibility for the greater good of our world. Emery provides the children with frequent opportunities to participate, individually and as groups, in service to others through food banks, hospitals, schools and shelters. They also learn about needs and problems around the globe and brainstorm how they can help. The Emery student will never take for granted his or her blessings without being mindful of the needs of others, and that is the Emery difference.