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Why Emery?

From Jerry Robins

The quality of (the Performing Arts production) was SO EXTRAORDINARY. I can tell you that the audience was simply blown away by the quality of this performance!  It was so professional that I think that no one who saw it can understand how it could have been produced and directed to this level in a HIGH SCHOOL.
This play could move from EWS directly to Broadway without any more work!  (I want to say to add some credibility of my comments, that I was personally involved in a LOT of plays at various levels – and this performance simply STUNNED me!)
I have also been noticing for some time, that the quality of acoustics at major venues and performances leave a LOT to be desired.  Even in MAJOR hotels and other professional high quality settings – there are serious difficulties with acoustics – so that the audience is inconvenienced in a major way to hearing what is being presented.  This was NOT the case at EWS’s play. The sound system was simply perfect!
This is not the ONLY aspect of the high quality of performance at EWS – starting most importantly with their academic excellence.
I can’t say enough to congratulate all involved for such a surprising accomplishment.